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Letter to the Editor – Tom

I received this letter from Tom Farthing in December, and I just had to share it! His story illustrates how awesome snowskating is and how tight knit the community continues to be. Snowskating will change your life and make you friends! Please read and enjoy, and if you have a cool snowskate story, please email me! KendraWilsonNV@gmail.com

Hi Kendra,

My name is Tom and I’m a recent “board addict”, at 43 years “young”.

Eight years ago, I was in a near fatal mountain bike crash, and feared I may never walk again. Luckily the swelling went down and I wasn’t paralyzed, but as hard as I fought over the years since the accident, it has been a VERY painful experience with many failures(mostly career).

I can’t mountain bike anymore off road as it hurts too much. But last year at age 42 I discovered longboarding….and it radically changed my life. It is a sport I can do all day thanks to the trails being “smooth” and it got me to turn my Facebook on again (was off for 5 years hiding and depressed), got me into doing fundraising events for cancer, donating blood and MOST IMPORTANTLY, making friends again.

I snowboarded for around 15 years, but I haven’t been out since the crash. Well, this year I spotted a snowskate at the local skate shop and was like “HEEEEEEEY what’s this!!!”. I picked one up a couple weeks ago and am beyond excited that I can carry on the longboard feeling all winter!!!!!!

So, I’m rambling and bad for that, feeling VERY HAPPY and excited because last night I got my first turns in on the snowskate!!! The whole point of this message was to thank you for PROJECT SNOWSKATE!!!!!! Your site is the first one I found, and I’m super impressed/happy to have found it. I just read “Ode To Judah“; it made my eyes water.

You represent the sport very well, love the videos and the passion you have for it. The work you put in to “spread the stoke”. It is in longboarding too, and I creepy messaged the “Godfather” of longboarding last year and now we are good friends. To this old NOOB, you are the face of snowskating!!!

Haha I’m nervous and rambling, my apologies. Thank you again for Project Snowskate. I hope you keep updating it; YOU are exactly what this sport needs. You have a great attitude!!

The thing I missed the most, lost in the dark for a few years, was being outside and friends, feel free to FB friend me if you like!! I already got 4 longboarders (also snowboarders) buying a snowskate each this month, and beginning to “spread the stoke“. I was going to join the Snowskaters Network forums today (was waiting until first turns, haha) but I see it is down (FYI – I just logged into snowskaters.net and it worked for me-KW).

Thanks for your time Kendra, hope all is well

Tom Farthing
Red Deer, AB, Canada


One comment on “Letter to the Editor – Tom

  1. Kendra, I would like to speak with you regarding our Snowsports Journalist Association called NASJA. Please email your contact info. In meantime, perhaps you could check out http://www.nasja.org. Cheers, Jerry Hoffman
    NASJA-West membership VP

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