Snowskate Olympics 2013 Recap

Alan Gerlach by Gergis Maximus Photography

Alan Gerlach by Gergis Maximus Photography

The Olympic Snowskate Championships took place at Hurricane Ridge on March 30, 2013 and March 31, 2013. The event was organized by North by Northwest Surf Co. located in Port Angeles, WA. Owner, Frank Crippen, teamed with terrain park architect Matt Eggleston and Brendon Corroa to create a banked slalom course and a snowskate specific slopestyle course jam packed with features. The weather was beautiful – clear skies, great views, and warm temperatures. The event took place over two days with three separate contests.

Jake Tomlinson

Jake Tomlinson

Day One began with the Powder Downhill which on this particular day was more of a slush race.  This event is famous for big crashes, and this year lived up to it’s reputation.   Just a few turns in, there was a huge pile up.  Joachim ended up taking the win and a GNU powderskate cut out.  Check out the video footage from Erik Nelsen.

Then came the slopestyle competition.  The course included two jumps with hit options on all sides, a large hip jump, and Ollie on rail, and the outskirts of the course were littered with jibs and wall rides too numerous to name. The format was jam session for the first hour.  Then in each heat the field was narrowed until the last three.  Joachim and Alan raged on and on and took 2nd and 3rd respectively with big airs and lots of technical attempts.  Jake stole first with his effortless style.

Brendon Corrao by Gergis Maximus Photography

Brendon Corrao by Gergis Maximus Photography

The Banked Slalom competition was on day 2.  Each skater got 3 race runs, and their best time got put up against the other best times to determine the winner.  The course was fun, and it seemingly got faster as the day went on.  The race was close.  I could not believe the times that some of the guys were putting up.  Matt Edgers got 3rd,  Paul Elkins got 2nd and Brendon Corrao pulled first.

In the end, the trip was amazing.  Washington was so hospitable, the party was raging, and the snowskating was rad.  One comment: where were my home girls?  We need more girls competing pronto!


Powder Downhill:
1. Joachim BronzichGNU powderskate cut out


1. Jake Tomlinson – Sick trophy, $375, bag o’ swag
2. Joachim Bronzich – Sick trophy,  Lib Tech Powderskate, bag o’ swag
3. Alan Gerlach – Sick trophy, Lib Tech sub deck, Ungi Bungi Leash

Randi Rettke

Randi Rettke

Banked Slalom:
1. Brendon Corrao – Sick trophy, $175, Chiller sub deck
2. Paul Elkins – Sick trophy,  $100, Circuit top deck
3. Matt Edgers – Sick trophy, $100, Ralston Mini sub deck


1. Kendra Wilson – Lib Tech top deck and sub deck, Ungi Bungi Leash
2. Randi Rettke – Lib Tech sub deck

Banked Slalom:
1. Kendra Wilson – Pile o’ swag
2. Randi Rettke – Pile o’ swag

(If I got the prizes wrong, please comment the correct distribution.)

For more photos, visit Gergis Maximus’ or Burton Cooper Photography’s Facebook photo albums.

2 comments on “Snowskate Olympics 2013 Recap

  1. Great recap and thanks for making the trip. A couple edits to toss in. Brendon and Matt did most of the course design. All the entry fees were given away as cash prizes. I think Jake got about $375 in the park jam. Brendon got about $175 and Elkins and Edgers split the rest and each got around a $100 in the Baked Slalom

  2. Nice work Kendra, keep it up.. it was great to see you guys!..e2

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